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When Katie initially turned to Phunk, she was in the early stages of building her personal training business, KG Fitness, and was looking for a logo and branding that could be used on social media to help launch her brand. As Katie’s business has grown so have her digital needs. And so, she turned to Phunk again, this time to build a website where she could show her clients what services she has to offer, how to contact her and how to sign up to join her team. Phunk started working with Katie, the team understood that this business was based on one individual the branding needed to reflect her personality. In the highly saturated fitness market, Phunk also wanted to make sure Katie’s brand would stand out from the crowd. The team did this by developing a clean and modern icon with a hidden meaning behind it. When creating the website Phunk was consistent with this branding, creating a clear and fresh-looking website that provides a great user experience and is easy to navigate.

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