Introducing Webflow for Startups

Discover our new partnership offering for VCs, accelerators, and closed communities — and a discount for early stage startups.

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We’re announcing Webflow for Startups: a new program that offers a discount on a team plan for qualifying startups working with our partners, as well as early access to new education materials and exclusive template sales.

We feel very lucky and grateful to have just raised a round of Series B funding. But something we know at Webflow from our experience over the years: it’s not easy to be a startup. This is why we’re giving back to the community of early stage startups through our Webflow for Startups program. Startups need access to the tools that give them the best chance of success, and we hope that this program will remove a monetary barrier, allowing qualifying startups to access all that Webflow has to offer.

Webflow’s Startup Partners are Venture Capitalists, Accelerators, and Closed Communities who support startups during the early stages of their growth. As a Startup Partner, you’ll unleash a discount for your qualifying portfolio companies, grant them access to new courses, useful webinars, and exclusive template sales. And, it won’t cost you a penny!

Startups accepted into the program will receive 50% off a team plan for 12 months, and get to experience everything that Webflow has to offer.

Startups thrive with Webflow 

We’ve written before about why startups turn to Webflow, but you don’t need to just take our word for it. Take a look at how startups like Getaround, Lattice, and Petal have been using Webflow:


getaround webflow case study
Open Getaround's case study

Getaround switched to Webflow to take control of their website, and free up valuable engineering time. 

“With Webflow, our design and marketing teams now own web publishing — giving us the freedom to experiment, build, launch and test, all without consuming scarce engineering time”

— Sam Zaid, CEO at Getaround


lattice webflow case study
Open Lattice's case study

Lattice’s marketing and design team took control of their website with Webflow.

“Webflow saves Lattice around $50,000 a year by making our marketing team more efficient and saving us from expensive freelance and in-house development work. Now our marketing and brand design team owns the website entirely.”

— Jack Altman, CEO at Lattice


petal webflow case study
Open Petal's case study

From seed funding with a small team to now over 100 employees, Webflow gives Petal’s design and marketing teams complete control of their site.

“Our website is ultimately a marketing asset, not an engineering problem. Webflow makes that a reality, giving our design and marketing team full ownership.”

— Josh Kaplan, Director of Design at Petal

Who’s eligible to be a startup partner?

If you’re a Venture Capitalist, an Accelerator, or a Closed Community with less than 200 startups in your portfolio – we’d love to hear from you! All you need to do to apply to become a Webflow Startup Partner and unleash our discount offering to qualifying startups in your portfolio is fill in a short application form. We’ll review your application and get back to you within 2 working days with next steps.

Application to be a Webflow Startup Partner

Who’s eligible to apply for the discount?

If you’re a startup working with one of our partners, you can apply for our startup program from today! In order to qualify for the discount, you need to have raised Series A funding or below, have less than 50 employees, work with one of our partners, and be a brand new Webflow customer. You must meet all criteria above to apply.

Application for startup discount

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January 15, 2021

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