Jul 1, 2015

Feature: Webflow announces Zapier integretion

Automate your form submissions
Running a business can require an overwhelming number of services: Webflow for building and hosting your site, Slack for communication, MailChimp for managing email campaigns, Google Sheets for managing spreadsheet data, Twitter and Facebook for social marketing, and many more. Wouldn’t it be great if they all played together—automatically?

They actually can—with just a little bit of Zapier integration. A few minutes of work with your Webflow site can now save you from manual data-entry hassle in the future.

Zap up your site

Zapier is an intermediary service that connects different web services with one another. Zapier does this by connecting a trigger on one service so that it causes a subsequent action on another. It can save you a lot of manual work.

For example, a form submission on a Webflow site can trigger Mailchimp to update an email subscription list that you have on file (this is the action).

Now, whenever someone visits your Webflow site and submits a form, you can have Zapier automatically send that form data to any of its 400+ supported applications. No more manually copy-pasting your form submissions from the dashboard into your different services.

As of right now, there are thirteen powerful, pre-made “zaps” (pre-configured integrations) that you can add out-of-the-box to your Webflow site:

Mailchimp – add someone to an email subscription list

Twitter – tweet out submitted data

Facebook Pages – post submitted data on your site’s Facebook Page

Google Sheets – add the data into a new spreadsheet row

Slack – pipe the data to a chat channel, like #customerservice, or as a direct message

Trello – create a new Trello card with the submitted data

LinkedIn – trigger a LinkedIn update

Toggl – create a new project to track

Evernote – create a new notebook in your company account

Asana – create a new project

Yammer – send out a new message using the form data

Pushbullet – send a link to the form data to get an instant notification

Sendwithus – send out an email containing the form data

Each of these integrations simply consists of a couple short forms to fill out. For example, when setting up Webflow to Mailchimp, you choose the Webflow site and Webflow form you’re looking to capture visitor data from:

Then, you choose the appropriate Mailchimp list and the exact form field you want to get the email from:

Done! It just took a couple of minutes.

If we don’t already have a pre-made “zap” for the service you want to pipe your Webflow form data to, simply visit your Zapier dashboard and set up a new custom zap for the service you want. A zap takes less than five minutes to set up. And don’t worry: Just like building a site in Webflow, creating a custom zap requires zero coding. It’s done visually. For example, it only took me a couple of minutes to set my Webflow site’s forms to automatically have Twilio to call my phone and read the form data to me in a British accent. I was even able to filter the data so it only triggers when the form is flagged as “urgent.” Pretty powerful, right?

Example of setting up a custom zap for Webflow and Twilio

Going forward

Zapier integration further enhances Webflow’s business workflows. Now, you can automatically integrate with the other products and services that you rely on to keep your business running; your form data is no longer isolated in the Webflow platform.

Here are also a few resources to learn more about using Zapier:

How to use Zapier

Zapier’s Learn page

Webflow’s page on Zapier

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