Webflow Virtual World Tour 2020 — speaker spotlight

Get to know some of our awesome Webflow Virtual World Tour speakers!

Vanessa Diaz
July 16, 2020

Webflow Virtual World Tour will bring our customers, partners, and community together for a series of 9 remote events across 8 different time zones around the world.

You’ll learn from the Webflow team, engage with speakers, interact with other attendees, and leave feeling inspired with practical information to get started. Get to know a few of our speakers and then get your tickets.

Ajay Prakash, Global Head of Product, Draper Startup House, Sydney

ajay prakash

During Webflow Virtual World Tour 2020 you can find Ajay hosting the "Hospitality going digital with No Code and Webflow" session. This session will provide core lessons about developing quick, lean prototypes and testing ideas with as little money and time as possible.

“Our company was drastically impacted by COVID-19 resulting in 0 guests in our locations all across the globe. We quickly pivoted to an online, digital format with a membership platform, online school, and loyalty program to convert online members into paying guests. This session will explain our journey and how we rebuilt — from ideation to the final execution. Everything we made was with Webflow and we were able to ship it in hours and days rather than months.”

Ajay found Webflow back in 2017 when he was launching a company in the quantum computing space. His team was building out a web page and Ajay was about to go ahead with a custom JavaScript build (using his past web development experience). However, one of his friends introduced him to Webflow. The ability to be able to think like a coder yet develop websites faster and provide access to the CMS for all my non-technical team members was a game-changer for him.

"I've been really opposed to many of the other no code solutions simply because they aren't flexible or don't really let you think like a developer. Since then I have built loyalty systems, connected particle boards (IoT) to the CMS via webhooks, membership platforms (using Memberstack) and pushed what most people could have thought possible with no code."

Dani Mancini, Founder and CEO, Scribly.io, Copenhagen

dani mancini

At Webflow Virtual World Tour 2020, you can catch Dani hosting the "How Webflow turned my side passion into a full-time business in just 2 days" session. This session will explore the following topics through one founder’s experience, mistakes, and lessons learned:

  • How Webflow is blowing the playing field wide open for totally new types of founders. It's breeding a new generation of diversity within the founder space, which is leading to all kinds of awesome.
  • How Webflow empowered a non-technical female founder to establish a business that has been profitable from day one.
  • What you can do to get an idea off the ground in just a few days.

Dani first discovered Webflow in 2018 when she launched Scribly.io. On the hunt for something flexible, low cost, and low code, Dani found that Webflow brought the best balance between cost and customizability. It enabled her to launch the first version of Scribly in a weekend, and, while the design has changed drastically since then, the rest is history!

"You'd be surprised just how many ways there are for you to launch that idea in your head in a low cost, simple way. Don't over complicate your idea, but look to existing integrations with tools like Zapier to find ways of implementing workflows without necessarily building something new. Also: don't be afraid to reach out to the No Code community and ask for help!"

Be sure to grab your tickets to see all the talks during Webflow Virtual World Tour 2020! All of the events are free.

A special thanks to our partners.
Vanessa Diaz

Events Manager at Webflow

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