The speaker lineup for Webflow Virtual World Tour 2020 is live

Speakers from all around the world are sharing how Webflow is helping them build, grow, scale, and change the world.

Vanessa Diaz
July 14, 2020

Webflow World Tour is taking place online, across 8 time zones. Learn from the Webflow team, customers and experts, and your local community.

Webflow Virtual World Tour will bring our customers, partners, and community together for a series of 9 remote events across 8 different time zones around the world. Learn from the Webflow team, engage with speakers, interact with other attendees, and leave feeling inspired with practical information to get started. To wrap up the event series and put your learnings to use, we’re hosting a Global Maker Day — more details on the hackathon coming soon.

Check out the full speaker lineup and register today.

Speaker highlights

At Webflow Virtual World Tour, you’ll learn and meet brand and product designers, founders, CMOs, and agency owners at Voiceflow, MURAL, Salesforce, GoGuardian, and more. Check out a sneak preview of our lineup.

Get to MVP faster and decouple your team from dev resources 

emily lonetto

Emily Lonetto, Head of Growth at Voiceflow, will share how marketers, product managers, and growth teams can build a no code tech stack for growth experimentation. Emily will share past and current experiments, and examples of using Webflow alongside other webhooks. By the end of her talk, you’ll be able to create a comprehensive and automated test on your own team. 

Empower non-technical staff to be CMS pros

wendell barton
“Webflow has become something of a team-wide CRM for us.”

Wendell Barton, Chief Marketing Officer at BrainXchange, will show us how switching from WordPress to Webflow took the pressure off of developers and designers, and empowered the entire department to collaborate more efficiently. Wendell will walk us through which features enabled new workflows for his team, and how that impacted the company. 

Using Webflow to build prototypes at scale

Wout Helsmoortel

Wout Helsmoortel, Design Lead at Bothrs, will show how his team uses Webflow to build prototypes and scale through their design sprint process. Wout will discuss the common challenges that many design agencies face when working with high-profile clients from alignment and strategy to designing, rapid-prototyping, and delivering value. Learn how to use the skill set every designer has to tackle these challenges and deliver value to customers.

Building versatile and functional dashboards with Webflow and plugins

Benazir Hilali

Benazir Hilali, Co-founder + CEO at Axle, will tell her story of using Webflow to create a free online COVID-19 dashboard to support policymakers and adopt risk-based strategies for the stability and growth of the African continent.

“We have used a variety of tools and plug-ins to develop the dashboard in Webflow and the functionality has proved incredibly versatile.”

You’ll be in great company

Whether you’re a designer, founder, marketer, or just getting started with no code, you’ll find your place in our community. Each event will feature different speakers and a different local community, so you can attend one or attend them all. 

A special thanks to our partners.
Vanessa Diaz

Events Manager at Webflow

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