Webflow World Tour Americas recap

Find out what amazing speakers from the Webflow community in Seattle, Austin, and New York had to share.

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Product updates, inspiring stories, mind-blowing demos, and more.

We just wrapped up the first week of our Webflow World Tour. While this year has forced the event to be a virtual tour, the ideas and energy coming out of it are very real. Each World Tour starts off with a recap from our product marketing team about what we’ve shipped, and what we’re focusing on as we continue to develop products for Webflow’s platform. 

Suffice it to say, the community is enthusiastic about what’s coming up:

We’ll be sharing more about these features soon, but in the meantime if you want to learn more, sign up for another event in the Webflow World Tour and tune into the opening keynote.

Here are some of the highlights from our first week:


Supercharging growth

Emily Lonetto reminded us that growth can often be a thankless job, with very little resources. As the Head of Growth, Partnerships, and Community at Voiceflow, she’s used to having to do a lot by herself. Emily shared how she approaches growth marketing by using Webflow, Zapier, Typeform, Airtable, and more to conduct experiments on the fly. She also explained how the team at Voiceflow have even used no code tools to build proof of concepts. 

Working in more technical terms has given Emily and her team a common vocabulary to share when talking to engineers. And she’s grateful about how no code creates opportunities for future growth: for your team, your company, and your career. 

Building an impactful platform in a week

The past few months have been an intense social and emotional ride: from the pandemic to the largest collection of civil rights demonstrations in the world. It would be easier to feel powerless, but John B. Johnson, Identity Architect at a small studio, decided to mobilize his team. He started off his talk by giving powerful context to his personal story and his relationship to identity as a Black american. 

After watching the George Floyd demonstrations, he gathered his team and got started on an idea based off the work of Dr. Julia Garcia on how individuals can better speak to their emotions. The result is Dose — a platform to help individuals give experiences, gain perspective, and learn from others. Within hours, they had hundreds of responses, which they were able to manage and design for using Webflow’s CMS. Dose is able to exist thanks to a thoughtful team that moved incredibly fast to share important perspectives with the world.

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Increasing conversions

Kicking off our second day of the World Tour was Austin Distel, CMO at Proof. Austin went into detail about how to think about your customers and how a well-presented site can make them feel like they’re about to acquire superpowers when they buy your product or service. He stressed how social proof can help your website convert up to 300% more and shared key tactics to try out.

No code to freedom

Alexandra Renée Poelstra, CEO of ALL MAVEN, runs a borderless marketing, digital, and branding agency based in California. In an inspiring talk that touched on her struggles as a single parent looking for work, she shared how she’s gone from selling websites for $600 to over $14,000. Alexandra has been a member of the Webflow Community since 2013 (the year Webflow launched!) and gave a stirring account of the impact Webflow has had on her life. 

“When we give people choice, we give people freedom — that’s what the no code movement is about.”

— Alexandra Renée Poelstra, CEO of ALL MAVEN

New York City

Empowerment, consistency, and efficiency

Our World Tour wasn’t the only event that went digital. So did all the conferences run by BrainXchange, a boutique conference company. But Wendell Barton, CMO at BrainXchange, wasn’t deterred from going fully digital, because his team had already adopted Webflow for their content operations. He shared how his team adopted the platform and was able to go from having to input over 7100 content updates a year, to under 600 thanks to Webflow’s CMS collections and multi-references.

Responding to COVID-19  

This story began around a toilet. The team at Diamond Hook, a creative agency specializing in product development, digital experiences, and creative production, had just started sourcing the bamboo version of Squatty Potty. When the pandemic forced businesses across the U.S. to shut down, the team at Diamond Hook knew they needed to pivot. But they also saw a unique opportunity to help a lot of people as personal protective equipment (PPE) became hard to find. 

They used their connections with manufacturers to become a distributor of masks and other PPE for organizations. After helping route 15 million masks to hospitals, municipalities, and organizations (and donating over 60K to people in need), they turned to offering PPE to the public and started a direct-to-consumer line of business. As if that was not enough, the team also founded a third-party logistics company to help other brands with distribution. 

Curiosity piqued? Join the World Tour (it’s free).

In addition to more amazing stories, we have product deep dives, Q&As with speakers, a demo theater featuring our incredible partners, and networking tables. If you need a break, we’ve got your back with our Introvert Sanctuary, featuring relaxing nature videos and meditations. 

Come join the Webflow Community on the rest of the World Tour. 

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August 24, 2020



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