March 25, 2021 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Building design systems and scaling teams in Webflow

David Chin
Pablo Gonzalez Day


David Chin

Design Strategist

Creative Lead @ MURAL. Multidisciplinary creative hustler - moving beyond the pixels to connect intuition, imagination, and opportunity.

Pablo Gonzalez Day

Web Designer

Website Lead @ MURAL based in Buenos Aires. Half of IBtech, a tech YouTube channel, and a teacher at Le Wagon coding bootcamp.


Barrett Johnson

Product & marketing @ Webflow. Design, history, and tennis enthusiast.


Before the switch to Webflow, the MURAL design team was beholden to engineering for any changes to their company website, big or small. To “take control of their own destiny” and take their website to the next level, they migrated to Webflow.

As they made the switch, MURAL’s design team took extra care to build and invest in a scalable website design system that would help both their design and marketing teams work better together.

Join us to hear from the MURAL team about:

  • Design system setup. How did they build the initial version of their website design system? What were their goals and motivations?
  • Design system evolution. How have they had to adapt their design system and components since the initial migration? 
  • Collaboration with other departments. How does the design team work with key stakeholders like marketing to launch new pages? How does the design system help this process?

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