Background image and link block editing in the Editor

Editing background images

Now you'll see a picture editing button in the top right corner of elements that have a background image. Simply click on the icon, choose a new image, and boom! New image.

Presto! New background image.

Editing link blocks

Now when you hover over link block elements in the Editor, you'll see a hamburger icon that offers two options:

  1. Edit link settings (new!)
  2. Edit text content
Hovering over link blocks in the Editor displays a dropdown menu button.
When hovering over a link block, click the hamburger icon to see editing options.
Now you can choose between editing the text content or link settings of a link block.

Before this change, you could only edit background images and link blocks in the Designer. With this change, your whole team can quickly and easily make these changes in the Editor.



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