Engineering Manager

San Francisco or Remote (US only)


Webflow is looking for an Engineering Manager. Join a remote-first team of humble and talented folks bent on empowering the world to build software without code.

Engineering management is different at Webflow. First, we like to think of our EMs more as coaches or mentors. Second, they still code. They get their hands dirty from time to time. They feel the pain of their team. They see their team performing their day-to-day work. They have skin in the game and lead their teams from that center.

Note: You'll need valid U.S. work authorization to join us.


  • You'll have a group of up to five reports as a hybrid manager and up to ten reports as a full-time manager.
  • You'll hold 1:1s with each of your reports where you offer them a platform for growth, allow them to gain clarity, offer suggestions, listen to them, learn about them as human beings, monitor their focus states, receive feedback, and more.
  • Hybrid Engineering Managers: You'll contribute code and participate on the same teams as your reports with a focus on non-blocking coding tasks and thorough code reviews. (The split between manager and coder varies, but 70/30 is a good guess with a full team).
  • Full-time Engineering Managers: You'll attend and observe your reports' team meetings as well as review your reports' PRs and status updates, and you may span multiple teams. (You'll have no commitment to a team-based deliverable outside of helping your reports deliver their work)
  • You'll consider and champion many perspectives and make others feel safe.
  • You'll advocate aligning your reports with work that is not only interesting but meaningful and geared to help them cultivate skills they'd like to develop in and out of work.
  • You'll guide decisions and create an action-first environment where it's safe to fail as long as you learn.
  • You'll set crystal clear expectations to sidestep resentment and prop up your reports for success.
  • You'll relentlessly unblock your reports to provide as much fruitful autonomy as possible.
  • You'll provide feedback and radical candor designed to steer your reports toward meaningful progress and away from distractions, apathy, or a lack of purpose.
  • You'll empower your team by advocating for their needs and supporting them through personal and professional challenges and goals.
  • You'll help shape company-wide processes and work with other Engineering Managers to continually evaluate how we can better support our reports and each other.
  • You'll guide your reports in their career and participate in annual evaluations.
  • You'll help your reports lead healthy and balanced lives.
  • You'll lead by example and embody the spirit of Webflow's mission and core behaviors.


  • 3+ years experience in a Technical Leadership role
  • Have a strong technical background and have preferably reached a senior engineering position at some point in your career
  • Have an understanding of what intrinsically motivates human beings through autonomy, mastery, and purpose
  • Embody Servant Leadership and possess a hunger to to amplify others
  • Have the empathy to deliver tough feedback respectfully and with candor and kindness
  • Have an understanding of the technical architecture of complex web and mobile applications
  • You must be authorized to work in the United States


Equal opportunity

Webflow is an equal opportunity employer. We’re dedicated to building a team where diversity in both ideas and identities is not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Benefits & Perks

10% time

Generous insurance coverage

Commuter benefits

Get paid to take a break

Plenty o’ paid time off