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August 15, 2017

Meet the team behind Webflow

In this special event, you'll be able to meet and ask questions to some of the team members who work on the Webflow platform.

We'll have some team members from each team. Backend, Frontend, QA, Support and Design.

This will be an great opportunity for us to get to know the community more and vice versa. :)

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00:00:43 - Webflow family member introductions

00:02:34 - Webflow University launch (Sergie, Barrett, Ryan)

00:07:38 - How does Webflow do user testing? (Linda, Barrett)

00:09:49 - As one of the engineers that works behind the scenes, what was one thing you worked on and what was that experience like? (Alejandra)

00:11:27 - What was it like starting out as Webflow fans then transitioning into the Webflow family and seeing things from the other side? (Bart, Alex)

00:13:53 - Is it possible for you to be even more happier than you are now? (Waldo)

00:14:58 - Where do you see Webflow in 5 years? (Ryan, Sergie)

00:17:19 - How does the Webflow team prioritize feature releases? (Linda, Sergie)

00:20:27 - What type of shampoo does Sergie use? (Sergie)

00:21:08 - What differentiates Webflow from its' competitors? (Barrett)

00:23:43 - What is Webflow's tech stack? (Alejandra)

00:24:53 - What happens to our accounts if/when Webflow goes out of business? (Waldo)

00:25:36 - From your user testing, what was the most unexpected or surprising insight that you've gained? (Sergie)

00:29:00 - Any plans to make accessible sites in Webflow? (Sergie)

00:30:30 - INTERACTIONS 2.0!!!!!!!!!! (Barrett, Bart, Alejandra, Sergie)

00:36:27 - What is the nerdiest thing that you do in your spare time? (Everyone)

00:38:44 - Will Webflow have CSS Grid in the near future? (Alejandra)

00:39:44 - Is YC still involved with Webflow? (Sergie)

00:41:40 - What is a typical work day for a Webflow designer? (Ryan)

00:42:42 - Was Webflow University built entirely in Webflow? (Nelson, Sergie, Bart)

00:45:49 - How does Webflow manage a remote team? (Waldo, Linda, Bart, Alejandra, Ryan)

00:49:18 - Where did everyone work before Webflow? (Everyone)

00:51:30 - Can we get a tour of the Webflow HQ office? (Barrett, Sergie)

00:52:29 - How relevant is it for upcoming designers to learn code? Should it still be in a designer's toolbox? (Ryan, Sergie)

00:54:46 - Do people apply to Webflow (for a job) or does Webflow find you? (Bart, Linda)

00:55:58 - Why do you have LEGO minifigures on your conference room table?

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