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Bob van der Houven, a famous dutch voice. The voice of the dutch E.T., Ducktales, Dobby (Harry Potter), Stitch and the anti hero Dr. Doofenshmirtz in Phineas & Ferb. The branding process is based on Bob's versatile nature and passion for theater. I chose theater black as the first main color based on the dark space in which people are sitting before the film or theater play begins. The audience is curious, the eyes get used to the dark and all impulses are gone. This creates rest and people start focusing on the things that they can see. Red is the secondary color based on the color of theater curtains and psychologically fits Bob's passion for his profession. In my opinion 'The Microphone' is too cliche in the voice-over industry. So I played it another way. Voice and sound are directly intertwined: SOUND->FREQUENCY->WAVELENGTH. That is why I made a logo based on wavelength. I threw some svg's and creativity in the ether and after a few ups and downs I tuned in to Bob's new vibe!