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Covid-19 Helper! A website with a contact form so people can get in touch and you can help them when they are self-isolating. FOR THE VULNERABLE: •These people can quickly and easily submit their name and contact number and indicate what they need help with. From there we can match them with people that are willing to help via a mutural aid group. (Also, the site will have a resource for those that are not online.) FOR THE PEOPLE WANTING TO HELP: • You can download the Coronavirus Helper PDF and put it through your neighbour's letterboxes. • You can put your name on the website and say what you can help with (optional) • You can request to join this group to become a helper. See the prototype here:…/c1233d44-6113-4cc1-78df-4289d5d1207…/ Would like some feedback if anybody has any? Any improvements?