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Hi everyone, I have been a full-stack developer for the last 15+ years. In my experience, I have seen different dev teams writing code to solve the same problems over and over. Because of that, I got curious about the no-code space and am now working on an exciting new no-code development platform (Byteline) with built-in support for commonly used no-code services such as databases, user signup and access control, etc. I love Webflow for the ease it provides in building a website. Byteline integrates well with Webflow and can be used as a backend for these sites. All Byteline services can be invoked using a simple Webflow form or CMS. If you're interested, you can signup to vote for features, get a free three-month subscription, and be notified of the launch at This showcase is for our Web Scraper service, which makes it super easy to configure scraping of any website. In this showcase, the COVID-19 data is scraped and shown using Webflow CMS. Check it out.

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