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Today, my team is launching our annual holiday Web experience! This year we’re encouraging our colleagues to share messages (and GIFs) with one another to celebrate the successes of the year. This has been a labor of love for myself and my team of worker bees for the last month or so, and it feels so good to finally say that it’s launch time. Big shout out to Webflow and Zapier for helping to make this experience possible! I hope you take some time to dive in to this creation and explore its various nuances. Additionally, I plan on doing a deep dive in the near future to go into aspects of this project that took alot of doing, from creating inline error messages to manipulating 3d transforms that work and implementing the Giphy API. Disclaimer: For the purposes of sharing this project, I've removed all references to my company and disconnected the connections in Zapier which power the connections between the builder and CMS, so your submissions won't go through.

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