How to monetize your code-free app

Who should attend?
Entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers
4:00 pm

So you've built a no-code app. Congratulations! Now find out how to turn into a business.

Have great idea for an app, but not sure how it'll make REAL money? In this workshop, Tara Reed shows you how to monetize your app so that it gives you financial freedom — no investors required.

Tara Reed is the CEO of Apps Without Code, an online school teaching entrepreneurs how to build and monetize their app ideas. Before launching her own companies, Tara ran marketing initiatives for Google, Foursquare, and Microsoft. Today, her apps and businesses generate over $1M revenue each year, allowing her to work 2 days per week and travel the world four months per year. Tara has built all her apps without writing any code.

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