Once your template passes Review Stages 1-3, collect all of the information below and sent it to

Step 1 Template Info

Template Name

A unique, one to three word name for your template.

Ex: Evermore


Your template’s Webflow subdomain.


Preview Link

Your template’s preview link found under “Share” button in site settings.


Short Description

Write a short description for your template. The short description gives a high level overview of your template.

  • Should be 300 characters or less. You can count your characters here.
  • Important! Make sure it has relevant keywords. Like "html5 template", "responsive website template", your category, main tag, and CMS if it's applicable.
Ex: Display your professional photography work on this HTML5 responsive website template. With everything from beautiful photo showcases to a customized contact form - Evermore has it all. Create new photo collections easily using the built-in customizable CMS.

Long Description

The long description gives you a chance to elaborate on your template and provide additional detail that can't be addressed in the short description. The long description also allows you to describe what sets your template apart from others.

Here are some things you might want to include in your long description:

  • Layout and style variants
  • Unique features
  • Documentation
  • Video tutorials
  • FAQs

Long descriptions must be submitted using the template below. Simply clone the template, compose your long description, and include the published link with your template submission.

Long Description Template

The following RTF elements are allowed in the long description:

  • ‍H2 & H3 Heading
  • Paragraphs
  • Unordered lists
  • Ordered lists
  • Images - should only be used to supplement your description. Images cannot be used in place of copy.
  • Externally hosted video e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc
Example of a good long description

Profile Information

This information is required for new template designers

  • Provide an email address that customers can send support requests to.
  • Provide short description
  • Provide profile picture

Step 2Categories & Tags

List of Categories and Tags

  • Business Category
    Related Tags: Business, Corporate, Startup, Dentist, Real Estate, Marketing, Hotel, Magazine, Newspaper, Fashion, Directory, Law, Consulting
  • Portfolio Category
    Related Tags: Portfolio, Creative, Agency, Designer, Photography
  • Entertainment Category
    Related Tags: Entertainment, Band, Musician, Travel, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar
  • Personal Category
    Related Tags: Personal, Resume, Author
  • Blog Category
    Related Tags: Blog, Magazine, Newspaper
  • Event Category
    Related Tags: Event, Wedding, Conference
  • Nonprofit Category
    Related Tags: Nonprofit, Church, Political, Charity, Education, Religion
  • Other Category
    Related Tags: Other, Mobile, Landing Page, Coming Soon, Under Construction, Countdown, Contact Form, Error, App, Multipurpose, Wireframe, Product

Pick a category

Pick a category from the list below.

Ex: Portfolio Category

Pick a primary tag

Pick one tag that best describes your template from the list below. This will always appear next to your template.

Ex: Photography

Pick additional tags

Pick 2-5 more tags that fit your template. Note: You can suggest tags that don’t exist and we can add those. 

Ex: Creative, Personal

Step 3Features

Specify all the features from this list that your template has:

  • CMS
  • Responsive Navigation
  • Sliders
  • Forms
  • Lightbox
  • Google fonts
  • Symbols
  • Interactions / Animations
  • Retina-ready graphics/images (required)

Step 4Images

We’ll need the following screenshots of your template. In order to ensure that our marketplace pages load quickly, please submit images as JPEG’s and adhere to the file size limits listed below.

Thumbnail  image

Used on small vertical template preview cards.

  • 560 x 720px
  • Keep file size < 80kb
Example image

Gallery images

4–6 full screen images that display on template detail pages. Can include GIF of animations in the site. The first gallery image should be the top of the homepage.

  • ‍1440 x 900px
  • Keep file size < 300kb
Example image

Capture tools

Here are tools we like to use to capture template screenshots:

Compression tools

Here tools we like to use to reduce the file size of template screenshots:

Step 5Finalizing the template

Webflow users download the latest version/backup of the template. To make sure that users download your latest version, make sure you create a new version by pressing CMD+SHIFT+S in the Designer.

Step 6Send info

When you're done send a ZIP with all of this content to

  • A .txt or .rtf file with this information: Template Name, Subdomain, Preview Link, Short Description, link to long description, Profile Info (for first time designers), Category, Main Tag, Other Tags, and Features
  • 1 Thumbnail Image
  • 4–6 Gallery Images
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