Logo Design Process with a Client – Building A Brand, Ep 6

Episode 6  |  Season 1  |  24:43  | 

Created by

The Futur



What is logo design? How do you design a logo for your company? What is the logo design process? How do you present your logos to clients?

A Logo helps identify a brand in the simplest way possible. It can convey emotion, reputation, and a plethora of other feelings about a brand. When done right. In this episode, Creative Directors Matthew Encina and Ben Burns will work with designers at Blind– Emily and Min, to create logo explorations for Hamilton based on the visual direction the client has chosen. A new designer, Emanuele Ricci, will join the group and work on a hand-lettered logo to try and match the craftsman aesthetic Josh and Crysten have expressed a fondness to.

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