Packaging Design Challenge – Young Guns Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4  |  Season 2  |  14:07  | 

Created by

The Futur



Why is packaging important? How can design make something look more expensive? Can design change the perception of value for a commodity good? In episode 4 of the Young Guns 2, Chris issues a packaging design assignment for them to tackle to help them develop their design portfolio. Want to take on a design challenge? Play along and compare your results. Tag us on IG @thefuturishere with the hashtag #FuturYoungGuns

Here are the parameters:
• Choose an ethnic food to redesign its packaging
• Do not change the logo or colors
• Must use all type, legal, barcode from the existing package

Judging criteria:
1. Position for high-end clients
2. Appetite appeal
3. Shelf presence
4. Highlight product features
5. Appropriateness

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