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Sad Alex on writing and performing the happiest sad songs

Episode 9
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Meet Sad Alex—a gifted singer-songwriter who has written some of the most honest songs we’ve heard so far on Creator Sessions. Known as the “happiest sad girl you will ever meet,” Sad Alex’s songs encompass a wide range of emotions and life events that couldn’t be more relatable. Her single i’m glad that you found someone—a sarcastic yet heartfelt take on seeing your ex with someone new—has resonated with millions of listeners.

This session is packed with helpful advice on navigating the creator journey. We discuss the importance of authenticity, share ways to feel more empowered as a creator, and so much more.Sad Alex exemplifies the magic that comes from creating art that’s a true reflection of yourself. If you’ve ever struggled with finding and expressing yourself as a creator, this episode is a must-watch!

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