Audio unmute/mute Javascript control

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Updates to Dropbox are complete and you can clone this project again. Now, you can hear the sound. Thank you for your patients. Using custom code to control unmuting and muting sound. Video independent of the sound file loading from a cloud server ( Dropbox ). By default all audio URLs end with d1=0, if left with default settings sound wont play change to d1=1. Custom Code : <audio src="" class="audio"> // The audio HTML element const audio = document.querySelector('audio'); let playing = false; // Check if document is ready $(document).ready(function(){ // Clicking the play_btn $('.play_btn').click(function(){ if (playing == true) { audio.pause(); playing = false; // Setting the button text $(this).html("Play"); } else {; playing = true; // Setting the button text $(this).html("Pause"); } }); });

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