Automate your website — directly in Webflow.

Discover the power of automation — automate your workflows and connect your website to third-party apps.

What can Logic
unlock for you?

Keep your
marketing moving

  • Create new CRM leads based on form submissions
  • Notify site collaborators when there's a new lead

stay in touch

  • Trigger customer comms based on site activity, like subscribing to a newsletter or registering for a webinar

Streamline your
content management

  • Send form submissions to Webflow’s CMS or an external database
  • Sync third-party info to CMS items

Create a workflow
in just 3 steps

All within Webflow’s visual canvas.

  • Start with a trigger

    Start with a trigger preview

    The trigger is the event that starts the flow — like a new form submission on your site. Every flow has one trigger.

  • Set conditions

    Set conditions preview

    Conditions determine what criteria must be met for your action step to run: If A, then do B — but if C, then do D.

  • Choose your actions

    Choose your actions preview

    Then comes the action — the work your flow will perform for you automatically.

“With Logic, we can automate essential marketing workflows for our clients, such as routing leads to the right place or adding subscribers to an email campaign. Being able to do this natively in Webflow makes the whole process smoother and more efficient for us — from QAing workflows to client handoff to making changes later."

As simple or as
complex as you need

Whether you need simple automation or a complex conditional flow, you can build it with Logic.

  • No-code workflows

    No-code workflows preview

    Automate across core Webflow capabilities including forms, CMS, and emails.

  • Customizable low-code

    Customizable low-code preview

    Create custom triggers and actions — and connect to third-party apps — with webhooks and HTTP blocks.

  • Easy troubleshooting

    Easy troubleshooting preview

    Test steps before you turn a flow on and view the run history to see whether your flow ran successfully.

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Create fully localized experiences for site visitors around the world.

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Define your own content structure, and design with real data.

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Goodbye templates and code — design your store visually.

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User Accounts

Build gated content experiences for your audience.

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The power of CSS, HTML, and Javascript in a visual canvas.

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Edit mode

Custom-built environment for content teammates.

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Create custom automated workflows and connect to third-party apps.

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Optimize your website with controls, hosting, and flexible tools.

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Set up lightning-fast managed hosting in just a few clicks.

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Build smart, responsive, CSS grid-powered layouts in Webflow visually.

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Create production-ready React components visually in Webflow.

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Figma to Webflow

Turn your static designs into clean, production-ready code.

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Build websites interactions and animations visually.

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