Codeless innovation: experience prototyping with visual programming

Who should attend?
Product teams
1:00 pm

Learn how no code tools can enable creation for emerging media like AR and VR and bridge digital literacy gaps.

The complexity of evolving experiences will likely exceed what we can express in code. It's one thing to lay out a bunch of widgets and boxes and describe their behaviors with traditional code. But emerging tech platforms that incorporate AR/VR seem to demand something closer to a visual environment for development. To build for emerging technology and experiences, development will have to be simplified. With that in mind, this talk will cover:

  • How visual programming informs more than prototypes, but also helps creators structure data and add interactions
  • An overview of different tools that can be used
  • Demo of how teams have used no code programming tools to simulate experiences that transcend screens
  • How no code software helps develop digital literacy for end users and collaborators in services

You’ll learn how to leverage no code programming tools to build better collaborative relationships with cross-functional team members and your end users.

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