Life is not static — your designs shouldn't be either

Who should attend?
Design and creative teams
11:00 am

Webflow isn't just a platform for launching marketing and ecommerce sites. In this session, I will cover how Webflow can evolve design and development workflows by being a powerful translator for design-to-development hand-offs, creating deliverables within the blink of an eye (especially concerning iteration, versioning, and testing), supporting sales with ideas in medium, and ultimately changing how we design our experiences.

The talk will focus on designers' and developers' roles, but I will also be covering how in-medium design can support Strategy and Design Directors. Also, since this is a discussion on resourcing, this might interest operations and resourcing managers.

Why should anyone care about "in-medium"?

I will be covering everything from sales to quality assurance and how in-medium can truly transform deliverables and quality of relationships and products. Included amongst the many topics will be a plain language introduction to the concept of styles (CSS logic), HTML semantics, DRY and reusability, and techniques for accessing more knowledge of said subjects. Do not fret, I will be using metaphors and illustrations!

A tease at the solution.

Though I do not profess in-medium design is a silver bullet, with patience, flexibility, and trust we can change the habitual state design has lost itself in. I will cover this and wild thoughts on the future of digital product fabrication with several points and more.

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