The longstanding influence of no-code platforms: from digital participation to platform determination

Who should attend?
Entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers
IT teams
12:00 pm

Discover the history of no-code tools' influence on platform adoption, understand the role of abstraction in no-code tools, and find out how to consider infrastructure in no-code tooling.

This talk will touch on the role no code plays in empowering makers and entrepreneurs, but focus more on the influence these tools have on platform adoption and the future of how companies are built. From the advent of the spreadsheet (which many call the original no-code tool) to the present day, we'll explore three key questions:

  1. History and future: just as VisiCalc drove the adoption of Apple II, what decisions are being made today that will determine the breakout platforms of tomorrow?
  2. Abstraction: as visual development enables more people to create for the online universe, where are the opportunities, or responsibilities, to balance increasing access with over-abstraction?
  3. Infrastructure: what are the emerging infrastructure needs that will allow today's startups to scale into tomorrow's massive companies, maintaining their no-code backends?
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