2021 done.

We can’t believe it, either. 2021 has been full of advancements in and connections with the Webflow community. Here’s a look at what we’re grateful for from 2021.


480,000+ sites were #MadeInWebflow in 2021.

Webflow sites now get over 10,000,000,000 visits a month.

...and we love each and every one of them <3


We now have
500+ Partners in our Webflow Experts network.

It’s really never been easier to bring your dream projects to life through Webflow, by working with Experts who know their stuff.

To celebrate this, we launched our first annual Partner Awards. Winners and finalists wowed us with work covering four categories: Excellent Aesthetics, Inclusivity and Social Impact, Innovation and Originality, and Surprise and Delight.


Webflow projects got a lot of love this year.

Here are a few projects that racked up likes and clones. 

Portrait image of Tyler Hughley
NSIDE Cloneable CMS Template
Tyler Hughey
NSIDE Cloneable CMS Template screenshot
View project
Portrait image of Relume team
Relume Website Cloneable
Relume project screenshot
View project
Portrait image of Timothy Ricks
T.RICKS Glassmorphism
Timothy Ricks
T.RICKS Glassmorphism project screenshot
View project
Portrait image of Joao Paulots
Geospace Template
Joao Paulots
Screenshot of Geospace Template
View project
Avatar image of Vibrand Design
20 CSS Button Hover Styles
Vibrand Design
View project
Portrait image of Robin Granqvist
Section Scroll Interactions Using Scrollify.js
Robin Granqvist
View project
Portrait image of Jerome Bergamaschi
Parallax template
Jerome Bergamaschi
View project
Portrait image of Diego Toda de Oliveira
Hokaido - Free Horizontal Scrolling Template
Diego Toda de Oliveira
View project
Portrait image of Zack Bujazia
Artisan Website Company
Zack Bujazia
View project
Portrait image of Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher
View project
Portrait image of Mubarak Marafa
Bite-sized Fun Cards!
Mubarak Marafa
View project
Portrait image of Lumareto
Angelika’s Responsive Portfolio
View project

87,000+ fonts were used across Webflow sites this year.

Top 10 most used fonts

...and always a solid choice, Font Awesome Solid.


Gold stars all around.

We’re grateful that there’s a lot to be proud of this year.
 Here are a few of the things that we’re most excited about.

  • B inside of a square icon

    Series B Funding

    We successfully raised $140 million in January 2021, allowing us to continue to grow and expand our community impact efforts.

    Learn more
  • Apple icon

    Free for students

    Webflow is now 100% free for students — enabling thousands of learners to jumpstart their careers through building for the web, without the financial barrier to entry.

    4,200+ students dove into design this year and 115+ educators helped them do it.

    Sign Up
  • T-shirt icon

    Merch for a mission

    Swag, but make it meaningful. We launched a merch store that donates 100% of profits to charities all throughout the year. Wear your heart on your sleeve and give it to good causes, all in one go.

    Thanks to the Webflow community, our merch raised thousands of dollars for It Gets Better, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, and 350.org.

  • TV icon


    Our new streaming platform showcases what’s possible with Webflow and highlights how design and no-code is changing people’s lives. Tune in for original productions like a docuseries highlighting no-code creators, influencer content, and videos curated with our community in mind.

    Tune in
  • Presentation icon

    Webflow Pitch

    Have you ever needed to make custom presentations that recommend Webflow to clients or colleagues? Now you can, with this simple site that we launched this year.

  • Newsletter icon

    Webflow Inspo newsletter

    We started sharing inspiration with over 500,000 designers, marketers, and creatives in our new newsletter, Webflow Inspo. Weekly issues feature the latest, coolest, and best in design and no-code.

  • Gift icon

    Creators with Benefits

    This year also saw the launch of our Creators program, which gives free templates and three free months on Webflow to content creators working with our Partners.

  • E-book icon

    No-code for Enterprises Ebook

    Last but not least, we wrote a free, downloadable ebook that explains why enterprises should build web experiences in a visual environment — and how no-code makes that possible and scalable.


More features, more fun.

Here are just a few of our updates from this year.

A new age for teamwork

Working together in Webflow got a whole lot better with a big set of improvements to how you collaborate with teammates in the Designer.

Blending mode

Control how stacked elements blend directly in the Style panel, bringing the mix-blend-mode CSS property right into Webflow.

Background shapes sit behind circles to demonstrate the backdrop filter featureLight cream colored circle blurs content behind it to demonstrate the backdrop filter featureLight cream colored circle blurs content behind it to demonstrate the backdrop filter feature

Backdrop filters

The backdrop-filter CSS property is now in Webflow, enabling you to create blurring and shifting effects in the area behind an element.

Accessibility for all

Icon of an eye

Design for everyone’s eyes

Vision Preview mode allows you to see how color-blind and visually impaired people experience your site, so that you can design responsibly.

Icon of a magnifying glass

Check your work

Enhancements to our Audit panel help you quickly identify and fix accessibility issues before you hit publish — making building accessible sites easier than ever.

Enterprise is moving on up

Icon for integration: two intersecting circles

Connect to your tools

You can now directly connect your forms to Marketo and Hubspot fields — no middleware connections or handwritten CSS required.

Icon for configuration: three sliders

Configure SSL your way
Enjoy more flexibility when setting up your hosting with the option to add custom SSL certificates.

We know it’s a lot to take in. Let’s take a short meditation break before continuing on.

No-Code Conf

In November, we held Webflow's 2nd annual flagship conference, No-Code Conf — all online and 100% free for attendees.

18,363 registrants from 147 countries.

We pledged $10 to Girls Who Code for every registrant — then rounded the total donation up to an even $250,000.

And over 40 speakers.

Missed the conference? Watch the sessions on Webflow TV.

Some of our favorite NCC tweets.

With no code, floating laptops are possible #NoCodeConf

Screenshot of JZ and the infamous floating laptop
Anto Aryanto Twitter avatar

OMG 🤯🤯🤯 @webflow @NoCodeConf is giving me butterflies in my stomach - can't wait to try the Membership Features, the UI features and Business Logics

Vensy.eth Twitter avatar

So many exciting new @webflow updates at @NoCodeConf

Meme where anime man gestures towards butterfly with text that says "Me:"" (man), "New Webflow Updates" (butterfly), and "Is this Magic?"

Can't believe I'm even typing this, but I came in 1st at the Speed Build Challenge during #NoCodeConf 🥳 😁 💃🏿 So glad I got to participate in such a fun and inspiring activity, and I loved seeing all the unique builds everyone came up with!!

NSIDE Cloneable CMS Template screenshot

We can't wait for the next No-Code Conf!


We made 115,921 new friends on social media this year.

Tweets that made us lol.

Webflow memes avatar

Finding random div classes in old projects like

Screenshot of JZ and the infamous floating laptop

Learned webflow by watching their tutorials on 2x speed. I felt like Neo downloading martial arts in the matrix.

Chrissy's Twitter avatar.

All that time learning to code just for @webflow to come and make all my visual design dreams come true.

Max Joles avatar

Does anyone else dance while building @webflow sites🕺💃?

No-Code Conf Twitter avatar.

"Nelson's shirts are created using blending modes"


In 2021, students earned 3,761 certifications and watched 242,899 hours of lessons.

McGuire, Sara, Miguel, and Grímur earned 112 eye rolls and 93 laughs for a final eye roll to laugh ratio of 1.2:1 — a new record.

Yellow conversation bubble shape that contains a quote from our community

It's criminal just how entertaining and educational these are. You guys are a masterclass in product educational experience.
— Martin McGreevy

Blue conversation bubble shape that contains a quote from our community

I never had to watch a Webflow tutorial twice. Every tutorial is clean and 100% understandable. I don't need to skip paid sponsors or like this follow that parts. They are really the grandmasters of Tutorials.
— Roman

Red conversation bubble shape that contains a quote from our community

Imma be real, I've watched thousands, if not millions of tutorials where so much time is just empty talking. These are straight to the point, informative, very well made AND funny. Sign me up!
— Klickshot

We don’t have to tell you twice that knowledge is power. Here are the most watched tutorials of 2021.

How to build CSS grid layouts in 2021 — Web design tutorial
View project
Design a hero section – Build a portfolio site in Webflow, Day 1
View project
Design a reusable navigation – Build a portfolio site in Webflow, Day 2
View project
Create a CMS Collections layout — Build a portfolio site in Webflow, Day 3
View project
Advanced interactions: Horizontal scroll in Webflow
View project

All in all, we built a lot of skills this year. But for Grímur, domain name interpretation wasn’t one of them.


Teamwork makes the dream work.

228 new team members joined Webflow over the last 12 months.

That means we’re now at 389 team members, across 17 countries, and going strong.

Coming Soon

Sure, this site is supposed to be all about 2021, but we can’t help but share the things we’re excited about for 2022.

Big things are coming with collaboration tools, Logic, and Memberships — stay tuned for more.

Want to help us build the future of the web — and maybe even see your accomplishments shine bright on this site next year? Join the team