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Wrangle is a Slack management tool for the Business Team. It allows you to perform additional actions in Slack without leaving it. Cut down on follow-up by collecting critical information during the ticket creation. Problem: The client had an inconvenient website that couldn't attract new clients. Another problem is that many of the products inside Slack have a complex UI that could look better in screenshots. Solution: We wanted to present Wrangle so that the user would see the application from the inside and appreciate its features. We used illustrations to show the main components of Wrangle's interface and made them animated to arouse interest. So from the first screen, you understand how everything works. Each block covers the questions and doubts of a potential client. And, of course, we provided CTA elements with hover effects after each stage. Result: Wrangle website is interactive and informative. It leaves no doubts in the potential client and encourages cooperation. 

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