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Hey designers 👋 We're super excited to announce with you today! 🤩Demystify famous brands font with FontInLogo. FontInLogo helps you search and find a World Brands (and other) Logo with their font details. A tool for everyone who tried to design a logo  The idea of FontInLogo came up from our dealing team(@ lecturing about the importance of well-known fonts. We started collecting data and ended up with a platform that lets you search brands and find out what font they are using. Fun right? The platform is FREE to search for any Logo and find any Font used by world brands. 🥳Yes, anyone can join the FontInLogo community So whether you’re new to design or consider yourself a pro — your contribution to submit a logo font(that’s not in our list) is welcome here. We've built the platform from Zero to Hero in just 7 days, this is becoming our routine of building valuable products Give it a try - Can't wait to see what you think!

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