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**UPDATE** New Countdown timer coming soon to - Allows Multiple Countdowns with only 1 class - Change each deadline by attribute for flexibility - 3 lines of code for you (in total 😁) I've been looking for a countdown timer that I could easily integrate into Webflow and stumbled across this simple script that made it possible. I forget the author on CodePen (I'm sorry), but I figured I would share the project in case this can help you too. It's really easy to add and style into your own project. The numbers have separate ID's for "Days", "Hours", "Minutes" and of course "Seconds". To change the time just go into the javascript under "Custom Code" for this page and change the date. It will be written like so: "2018-09-28-00" (pretty sure, you'll see it). Then style the classes as you wish! πŸ€™πŸ» Updated: 08-03-2018 (Javascript code works for all browsers).

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