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Auvlie - The AirBnB for event venues. Project Overview: Auvlie, often referred to as the 'Airbnb for event venues', represents one of my significant ventures as an entrepreneur. This startup, though currently not active, stands as a testament to innovative thinking in the digital marketplace. My Contribution: As a designer and co-founder, I spearheaded the development of Auvlie's brand identity, web design, and the initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This involved crafting a unique visual identity that resonated with our target audience and developing a user-friendly website that served as the foundation for testing market viability. Significance: The project's journey, from conceptualization to market testing, highlights the importance of design and user experience in the startup ecosystem. Despite its current dormancy, Auvlie's initial impact and the lessons learned from its development continue to influence my approach to digital design and entrepreneurship.

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