Bling gold jewelry | E-commerce

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About the company: Bling is an online store of gold jewelry. It impresses with elegance, taste, and luxury style. Adds magnificence to your image. The task was to create an exquisite website using modern web design and development trends. Solution. Halo Lab team turned on the maximum creativity, not forgetting about trends. Attention-grabbing interactions complement the modern minimalistic design with large typography.  Each block is animated. The appearance of elements at scrolling is smooth. Buttons are filled with color when hovering for easier orientation of the client. We applied cyclic animation in the block with reviews: the client's photo and the text of the review change.  The ability to open a detailed description when hovering over the jewelry was implemented using "the reveal element on hover" interaction.  Result. Animation is a crucial factor in user interaction. It attracts attention just like exquisite Bling jewelry. It is simply impossible to pass by.

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