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The Fitzpatrick Law Firm came to our Webflow agency in search of a more sophisticated, eye-catching user experience for potential clients. The Fitzpatrick Law Firm’s previous website was functional, but did not embody the professionalism and sophistication of the firm. The site was text-heavy and did not have any stand-out features to contribute to the experience. When a person is searching for a criminal defense attorney, they need to find specific information quickly and easily. While the information was present on the old site, it did not stand out in a way that made the process simple for the user. The new site’s navigation features each category of defense offered by Fitzpatrick Law Firm. The Criminal Defense category uses Webflow CMS items for each type of crime, which then provides more information on each. As users navigate through the site, they will find an abundance of information that is extremely useful for those searching for a defense attorney in Greenville, NC.

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