One solution for the 10,000 custom code character limit

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Hi! šŸ‘‹ Please enjoy this free cloneable that illustrates how to add custom JavaScript files as .txt assets, regardless of their character length. The code causes an alert to pop up when a button is clicked. There is a long comment in the code, that puts it over the 10,000 character limit. The script tag linking to the .txt file is in the on-page code area. ----------------------------------------------- We have also created a blog article walking you through this and other solutions to this problem. šŸ“ Blog: ----------------------------------------------- šŸ’› Show your support: If you find this content useful, please consider connecting with us on our social channels. Your support helps us continue to build useful resources! šŸ‘ šŸŸ  Website: šŸŸ” Webflow: šŸŸ¢ Instagram: @lionizeagency šŸ”µ YouTube:

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