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The Header with Mega Menu is a highly customizable component for Webflow that enables you to create an exquisite menu in seconds. The header section offers complete control and accessibility easily manageable from the Webflow backend. ZealousWeb’s Webflow component allows you to build astonishing mega menus for your website in no time. It helps you showcase your entire sitemap in the menu through navigation menus and an inventive header. The Webflow component lets you include more links in the drop-down menus. You can customize the header with text, a search bar, or CTA buttons for a user-friendly, accessible, and touch-ready menu. ZealousWeb’s component for Webflow enables you to customize menu themes and styles using drag-and-drop tools with custom colors, fonts, and attributes. Our component allows you to use icons and short descriptions for the menu items. Our responsive Webflow component helps you curate a feature-rich navigation menu that looks perfect on all devices.

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