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The paradigm shift our client Lisa facilitates: Passionfruit Arts helps people who feel stuck in routine to living their life in creative flow. The business challenge she was facing: When Lisa arrived she had tons of ideas but wasn't sure what direction to go. There was a lot of confusion and self-doubt and she was struggling with the tech of online business. What she most loves about her website: It's so her! It's colorful and has lots of playful movement. It's creative and nourishing. It doesn't feel like a box, it feels like an expression of who she is and what she offers. It has so much life and authenticity to it that when people see the website they can feel her. How Strategic Storytelling and her website has changed her business: She went from having tons of ideas, to having an actual business. The website is an awesome home base that gives her a solid foundation for her business so she can create and expand, giving her so many possibilities.

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