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About the project: Desserto - is a  patisserie that entertain guests  with tasty and healthy products made of natural ingredients.  Our task was to develop a corporate identity and create an exciting, memorable website.  We had an idea to make an animated cake. It appears when you’re scrolling and you’re watching how a piece of cake separates to become part of your lunch. We also conceived a slider with a spectacular change of desserts to reflect the variety of delicacies that Desserto is ready to treat.  Another visual trick is that the text with the CEO's direct speech is printed during scrolling, as if it is written in real time, when you are browsing the site.  For the figures that seem to be in the air, we applied motion effects to convey the feeling of a live dish being created right before your eyes.  Webflow website has a lot of technology, which allowed us to convey the mood of the confectionery and show that Desserto is not just a cake, but an artwork. 

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