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Hi there! Recently I've been helping my GF put together a new visual for her local startup community called Before You Shine. And here we are! 📝 What is it? Before You Shine is the first Czech startup community created by entrepreneurs for startup enthusiasts. It is a community of ambitious people looking to connect with the startup world. 🔥 Youtube Course In this series, I'm walking you through creating a website In this course, we will be creating a homepage with multiple collections, blog and blog detail and contact us page. 🤖👉 Course Overview: [Update 22th Mar 2020] - I've added 4 more videos on my Youtube - Full course about how to create a simple BeforeYouShine job board with Webflow and one separate video about dynamic sharing buttons! 🙌🏻 BTW: The whole site is clonable! :) So feel free to browse the code of the project and copy and paste the parts that can be useful for your projects. - Jan ☝🏻

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