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Hey šŸ‘‹ I saw this on the other day. Looked cool and made it in Weblfow. No custom code was used, it runs solely on IX2. Enjoy! šŸ˜„ āƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒ šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’» Available for work, DM me. āƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒāƒ šŸ„° Follow me on social media ā¦æ Twitter @

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