👍👌 Easy CSS-only Marquees! 👍👌Easy CSS-only Marquees! 👍👌Easy CSS-only Marquees! 👍👌

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NO Javascript, no interactions, just simple, easy-breezy marquees ready to be cloned! The need to create marquees like this for clients has been tremendous recently, so I figured it might be helpful to share with the community! Note: for the marquee to function without skipping, the first half of the marquee track and second half of the marquee track must be identical. An easy way to do this is to wrap the track content in a div and duplicate it. Also, the CSS for each marquee is included inside its container and is denoted with an emoji 👍 Is this cloneable helpful to your workflow? Buy me a coffee! http://buymeacoffee.com/joshwork

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