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A labor of love finally completed! I've created a free website template for churches. It's my hope that this will help churches modernize their online experience and come back stronger than ever from COVID-19. This template features dynamic content for Sermons, Events, Staff, and Connect Groups and is ideal for single location churches. Watch the tutorial at • Create landing pages in less than 3 minutes for anything • Old events automatically removed the day after • Homepage events section disappears when no events are present • Add a new sermon, event, or connect group site-wide in seconds • Reuse any page section across multiple pages (update once for all pages) • Looks exactly the same on 5k screens as it does on Macbook Airs • Thoroughly planned user experience and interactions • Dummy proof to manage (from the Webflow Front-End Editor) • Optimal site speed • Homepage ministries section disappears when no content is set

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