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I recently came across the tutorial on Webflow University regarding "how to add a WhatsApp chat widget to your webflow projects" realising that I didn't want to pay the $5 a month fee for Elfsight I had a look at what it was doing and it really wasn't doing very much. Installation: Copy and paste or clone this project, if you copy and paste you will need to recreate the interactions. Also include the following script into your project custom code (before Body close: <script> $(document).on('click', '#close-chat', function(event) { event.preventDefault(); $("#whatsapp-button").click(); }); </script> This will prevent the close button from performing its default action, so you can manage the open and close through one interaction. Finally, to connect your whatsapp account, just change the link on the "Start WhatsApp chat" button with your telephone / Whatsapp number:

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