Navy Lanier to Help Motorists Avoid Being the Victims of Crime and Robberies

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In 2010, Navy Lanier, a Georgia resident, witnessed a number of violent crimes that took place at a gas station and decided that he needed to make a change in his community. During that time a number of gas stations had to close doors since they were always threatened by violent activity. The first step Navy Lanier took was to help motorists avoid being the victims of robberies that occur at gas stations. His idea was to deliver fuel wherever it was needed. This meant clients could order fuel at any address online without going to gas stations themselves. Navy Lanier created the company Mobile Fuel with this purpose. He now delivers fuel in 18 cities and has over 83,000 happy customers. The clients simply go online and ask for fuel at a given address. People can become clients at Mobile Fuel for even $8 per month.

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