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I'm beyond excited to announce that my new site is launched! It's been an incredible journey transitioning completely to Webflow and its complete creative freedom from idea to experience! My site's main experience is for sure the home page. It features a scroll behavior that takes you from my showreel and hero statement, then immersively takes you through some of my key case studies showcased in devices moving as you scroll. Be sure to explore the case studies from here with some sweet page transitions. My work page is heavily focused on just that, my work. Apart from my full case studies, I also wanted to provide a content feed where I showcase all my concepts, ideas, speaking events, and even photography to express my diverse range and style. My about page got some exciting horizontal scroll behavior, lottie animations, and hover video effects. Let's connect, let's push boundaries - I can't wait for what's next! http://wellgraf.com

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