Prelay (Griffo + Design X Develop Collab)

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Live Site: Thanks to Mark Griffo II for bringing me in to collaborate on this project. I was brought on in the early planning stages for the web design + dev right after he had gotten client approval on the new branding. We used Figma to mockup our project and create a style guide for the web. I jumped into Figma with some early wireframes and some branding assets and fleshed out the Desktop & Mobile style guides for our project. Then I jumped in with some wireframes and rough mockups and fine tuned and delivered the v1 mockup to Mark and from there he went back and forth with the client on revisions to get to the final version you see now. Over the following weekend.. I hacked away in Webflow on the Prelay site and come monday morning it was ready to go. Mark and I jumped on a video call and I transferred my version of the site to him. We made some style changes on the video call and cleaned up a few things per early client feedback. And then we launched it! 🥂🎉

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