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During the beginning of 2022, my partner and dear friend Yair and I found an opportunity within the enterprise clients (Via BrandWeld) that we were serving that the content and data we were working with was either too vast for the 10K requirement or needed to be hosted by a third party (Airtable, Monogo DB, etc.). We built Sendero out of this: Democratizing your No-Code Data with the core premise of building it around the Webflow’er. Using Webflow now, entirely headless, creates the ultimate power-house frontend one might be waiting for. With Sync to Webflow, Sync from Airtable or CSV, Webhooks and Forms you can embed back into Webflow, (even a desktop application to post to Webflow remotely!) you can create flows like never before, gate-content with ease, and productize services with just a small click. It’s an enterprise product that we use for enterprise teams that you can try yourself! Cheers!

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