WebDev For You - Interaction #136

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He’s back! I’ll admit, an interaction a day was a bit ambitious. I had to take a nice break to re-think how I wanted to share new content. After some time I am re-introducing the interactions, but this time they will be weekly instead of daily. I might throw in an extra 1 or 2 in a week if I’m feeling inspired. The other thing you will note with these interactions is that the video tutorials are no longer free on YouTube. The interactions and video tutorials take time to create and craft, so there is now a subscription where you can receive a weekly video tutorial on how to create the interaction of the week. Now that Webflow has introduced Lottie as a feature we will be using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to create really unique and sophisticated interactions. Thanks everyone for all the kind words and feedback on the interactions. I do have a lot of fun creating them and am happy to be sharing them again :). Best, John

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