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As the end of the year approaches and discussions about ChatGPT & Midjourney dominate the conversation, we decided to have some fun and challenge ourselves. We brainstormed and eventually decided to create a product page for a brand-new backpack. Using Midjourney, we quickly created a product mockup and then multiple colour variations with Photoshop. With Midjourney we also created a stunning hero shot, images of our "clients," and even a fake news company that promoted our backpack. To write the website copy, we turned to ChatGPT and within an hour, it helped us craft everything from catchy headlines to button text for the whole page. Thanks to Relume Library, we were able to design our page in Figma and then bring it to life in Webflow in under three hours. In just under five hours, we had a fully functional mock landing page, all thanks to these powerful AI tools and Relume Library. p.s. even this was written by AI

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