Animated Cube Particles With Canvas

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Hi my gorgeous friends of Webflow, This cloneable was built from a Jacob Foster's project: I tweaked the code a bit to make it fully responsive and directly configurabile from your Webflow project by using attributes. 😊 Things you can customize through attributes: - Particle color (HSL format) - Scale factor for desktop/tablet and mobile, for better responsiveness - Particle density - Cube perspective - Particle spread - Particle velocity Just add the corresponding attributes to the div you want to host your canvas animation in and play around with attribute values! 😁 Look for the 'hero-section__canvas-host' element inside my project to get the whole list from the Element Settings panel and don't forget to add the 'fc-canvas-host' attribute as well! Enjoy, clone, and feel free to leave a comment! Have an awesome Webflow journey y'all, Francesco P.S. Feel free to visit my YouTube channel:

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