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Community building is vital for brands, notably in clothing and streetwear. For Sunday (their main Shopify store is viewable at, we enhanced loyalty and brand strength through a fun, innovative method. Their product range includes 1.) standard and 2.) luxury "Sunday Green" items. Purchasers of these tier 2 items are added to an exclusive email list, where they receive a link to a hidden page on this Webflow site. Here, they upload a photo of themselves. Using various APIs, these photos are edited by cutting out the subject and placing them against a yearbook backdrop. These images are then uploaded to a CMS, creating Sunday's unique yearbook. Customers who buy the most items gain a prominent spot in the 'Honor Roll' section of the yearbook, encouraging community engagement and repeat purchases. This strategy incentivizes their most loyal customers to continue supporting the brand, fostering a stronger community connection.

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