Build Custom Map with Map Image and Webflow CMS (CMS Map)

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Highlights - No JS or Third-Party libraries - Use custom image or SVG of map - CMS based multi-location, add info as needed - Interactive popups for markers Use this cloneable to build a custom map where you can plot different locations, taking advantage of Webflow CMS data in embed block. Very easy to implement and omit the burden to integrate any third party services, this should cover many use cases. In tablet view and below, hover effect is disabled but the map list will be visible below. And another trick is that you can click on the map pointer/marker and it will scroll to that item position. Trick is just to apply ID on the map item. Hover effect it done with custom CSS but that can also be done with Webflow interaction, interaction is also included in this build but not used. Initially conceptualize for Apeture Hotels website and later improvised Also shared with Desiflow community on a build session

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