2020 BWMT Music Theatre Showcase

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Baldwin Wallace University was my very first client in web design ( I graduated from their music theatre department in 2013). My first year working as an actor I started to dabble in web design so I reached out to my college mentor and said "Hey, CRAZY IDEA, but let me design a showcase website for you to get the industry excited about your students." It ended up being a hit! Even a Tony winning producer shared the site on his blog. Ever since, I've designed something fun for them to share every year. This is the latest design. Baldwin Wallace's Music theatre website was actually featured by Webflow and was my first big Webflow build You can clone the site, cause hey, if it wasn't for this showcase I don't know where I'd be as a web designer today. It's far from a perfect design but it gets the job done for the program and the kids always get really excited about it. Enjoy ❤️

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